Chapter 3 Mathematics of Wealth

Mathematics of Wealth

(…please note, there will be excess usage of the word wealth, which in this blog’s sense means happiness and not money or material assets – wealthiest in this blog means the happiest and not the richest)

In our race to be the wealthiest, it is really important for us to frequently check how far we have gone ahead and how long we have to go further to reach the top. To make it more simple we should know our target and we should also know our status at each stage.

There are a few mandatory requirements for us to start the race, first of which is to set the currency which we would be earning (amount of happiness earned) and a small note pad / diary which would be our scorecard (a happiness ledger in other words). As the blog progresses, we will discuss in detail the various ways in which we would be earning our currency and how it gets accumulated, and finally leads us to become the World’s most Wealthiest !

Shall give a name to our currency? A name that would be peppy and easy to recall, and something which signifies a happy face? I’ll name it Goldey – Gold + Smiley, hope you like it. You can have your own name for the currency, only thing is it should signify happiness.

The next and foremost important thing is that to remember each instances (which we would be discussing in future posts), that we have to make a note of the amount of goldeys we earn. Remember to keep proper account of each goldey you earn, till you top the chart of the wealthiest in the world.


3 thoughts on “Mathematics of Wealth

  1. exactly how can you honestly say wealthiest and happiest mean the same thing? Because even the dictionary doesn’t agree with that. And my life’s experiences have taught me that it’s not about wealth, although it does help. So where does your version come from?

    • Thanks for your comment nutritionnaturally4u. Beginning of each post, I mention (…please note, there will be excess usage of the word wealth, which in this blog’s sense means happiness – wealthiest means the happiest)
      My intention is to help myself and the others be the happiest in the world. Because the essence of this blog is about happiness and it has got nothing to do with money or material assets. I would humbly request you to read the other chapters as well to fully understand the concept. I’m also sure that you have not fully read the post, would request you to do so.

      As you rightly mentioned in your comment, being wealthy doesn’t mean being rich, and this blog is all about propagating the same message. It would also be great if you could share a few of your experiences (as you pointed that it’s not all about wealth (money)).
      Thank you.

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